Don’t Pay Until Your Lawyer Collects For You

With many legal cases, especially those that involve some type of personal injury, there are lawyers who will work on contingency. They don’t get paid unless they win your case. It’s wise to find one of these lawyers since you don’t want to pay in addition to your injury if your case is unsuccessful.

Get A Contingency Fee Lawyer

There are many lawyers who work on a contingency fee system for personal injury cases, but they don’t all do. Ask the lawyer whether he works that way and what the specifics are so you know what you’re dealing with and aren’t surprised later on.

Make Sure You Know What Percentage You’re Paying

Even if you find several lawyers who work on a contingency fee basis, that doesn’t mean they all have the same rates or charge the same percentage. It’s important to ask what percentage of your settlement they’ll be taking, and whether there are other fees on top of that amount.

What If You Can’t Collect On Your Win?

What happens if the lawyer wins your case and gets a big judgment in your favor, but you can’t collect on it because the other party doesn’t have the money? Do you still have to pay your lawyer? Out of what money? Be sure to ask this question, because it could become a serious problem later, otherwise.

Paying your lawyer for the work he’s done is important. Lawyers shouldn’t have to work for free, just like other types of workers. However, contingency fees are there for a reason, and there’s nothing wrong with getting a lawyer who offers that kind of fee system.