What You Should Ask Your Lawyer

Don’t ever be afraid to question your lawyer about things that are important to you. If you don’t ask questions, you’ll never get the answers that you need – and that you deserve when it comes to your case and how your lawyer plans to help you.

Questions About Your Case

You know a lot about your case, but that doesn’t mean you know the legalities of it or how your lawyer plans to handle it. Ask these kinds of questions, because you’ll want to know what your lawyer is planning to do and how the information you give him will be used.

Questions About Education

Where your lawyer went to school might not be as important as when he went to school. A lawyer who’s a recent graduate might be more up to date on current case law. However, all lawyers need to have continuing education, so this might not be an issue for your case.

Questions About Experience

Don’t forget to talk to your lawyer about his experience, too. If he’s been handling cases like yours for a long time, you might have a better chance of winning simply because he’s more experienced than some other lawyers when it comes to your specific problem.

Whatever you choose to rely on when you make your choice of lawyers, asking questions should play a large part in that decision making process. Don’t be intimidated or feel uncomfortable questioning your lawyer. He is there to help you, and that includes by addressing anything you feel concerned about.