Slips And Falls: The Most Common Personal Injury Cases

When it comes to personal injury, the most common problem are simple slips and falls. These account for the majority of personal injury issues that don’t involve a drug or medical malpractice issue. Even though they’re common, they aren’t always winnable.

Slipping And Falling On The Job

Depending on where you work, slipping and falling on the job can be very common. If you work in wet conditions, or if you’re a construction worker or someone else with a more dangerous job, it could be almost expected. It can be hard to stay safe in those kinds of jobs.

Minor Injuries Are Very Common

It’s quite common to see minor injuries on the job and just from daily life. These can include trips and slips, cuts and sprains, and even a small broken bone. Bruises happen, too. Generally, these minor injuries aren’t something you can sue over.

Ask A Lawyer About Your Case

If you have a bigger injury or you believe someone else’s negligence caused you to get hurt, you may have a case. Talking to a lawyer is the best thing to do at that point, because he can advise you as to what action you can and should take.

Don’t assume you automatically do or don’t have a case, because each situation is different. Talk to a lawyer and find out what you can do to ensure you’re fairly compensated for serious injury. It’s the best way to move forward with any potential case that you might have against a person or a business.