Find Out About Your Lawyer’s Education

If you’re hiring a lawyer, knowing where and how he was educated may matter to you. While all lawyers have to go through law school and pass the bar exam in the state where they practice, there are still some differences in continuing education and other issues.

Ask Where They Went To School

There’s nothing wrong with asking your lawyer where he or she went to school. Often, the degree will be prominently displayed on the wall in his office. If it’s not, don’t be shy. Ask about schooling and find out where he or she attended, because some schools are better than others.

How Long Ago Did They Graduate?

It’s never a bad idea to find out how long your lawyer has been out of law school. Being out a long time isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but laws can and do change. On the other hand, you might not want someone just out of law school with little experience.

What About Continuing Education?

Ask your lawyer about continuing education, as well. There are requirements that these lawyers have to meet, so they can stay up to date with the latest information. You want to make sure your lawyer is meeting these requirements, and he should be willing to talk with you about it.

If your lawyer has any special education or credentials where your kind of case is concerned, that could be very helpful. Asking about these kinds of things can help you get to know your lawyer better, and that can make you more comfortable in making a decision about legal representation.