How Many Points Is This Traffic Ticket?

How Many Points Is This Traffic Ticket?

If you’ve recently received a traffic ticket, before you just pay it, you should make sure you understand all of the consequences of doing that.  Many people don’ t realize that by paying a ticket they’re actually pleading guilty, and that will put a conviction on their driving record. A conviction can have all kinds of consequences.


How many points does a particular ticket have?  Click HERE to see the official July 2012 Missouri Department of Revenue point system table. You need to be careful if you’re going to use this table, though, because it can get complicated. For example, the same offense can have different points depending on what Police Department issued the ticket and what Court you are in (Associate Circuit versus, for example, Municipal Court).  Another example is that  the number of points  (and minimum fine, etc.) can vary depending on whether it’s a first conviction for that offense, second conviction, etc.

This table only shows the number of new points you would get by paying the ticket.  In order to understand all the consequences of pleading guilty to the new charge, you need to be sure of how many points you currently have on your driving record, as well as how old they are.  (You can get that information on your record directly from the Missouri Department of Revenue by calling their main Driver’s Information number: 573-526-2407.)

Additionally, if you’re currently on probation under an SIS or other agreement, simply paying a traffic ticket will very likely result in your violating your probation terms.   If that happens, it typically means that the prior court could now re-sentence you on the old charge to anything that was a legal sentence at that time.

Additionally, just paying a traffic ticket  will almost always result in an increase in your car insurance premiums.   Each company is different, so it’s difficult to generalize,  but I know of no insurance company that doesn’t either (i)  ask you about  traffic ticket convictions when you apply or renew or (ii)  actually  obtain a  certified copy of your driving record  directly from the Missouri Department of Revenue.

You also need to be aware that  jail is mandatory for certain traffic tickets.  One example is repeat convictions for driving while suspended or revoked under Missouri Statute Section 302.321.

Having An Attorney Represent You Frequently Ends Up Saving You Money

It’s important for you to know that having an experienced attorney go to court for you can frequently save you much more than the attorney charges you. While it might seem cheaper to just pay the ticket without getting a lawyer, by just paying the ticket you’re actually pleading guilty, which results in your being convicted of the offense charged. Convictions frequently cause your car insurance rates to go up significantly. Many traffic offenses also result in points being placed on your driving record, which can lead to your drivers license being suspended or revoked. For example, your license will be suspended if you get 8 or more points in 18 months.   A knowledgeable attorney can often save you hundreds of dollars by helping you avoid excessive fines, unnecessary convictions, drivers license suspensions, increased insurance costs and time lost from work.

As a former Municipal Court Judge myself, I am very experienced in handling these kinds of cases. I’ve been practicing law for over 25 years, and I’m very experienced in negotiating with prosecutors. In most cases, you don’t even need to be there, so you won’t miss work. I go to court for you and try to resolve the case in the best way possible.

Because we handle a significant number of traffic cases, our fees are less expensive than most other attorneys. Our fees for traffic tickets are as low as $90.00, and multiple tickets from a single traffic stop can get discounted below that as well.

Please call us today at 417-823-7500 to get a free quote and find out what our fees would be for your particular situation.

Why Should You Hire Me To Represent You? Here Are 7 Good Reasons:

  • Low Attorney Fees
  • Very Experienced Attorney, and Former Municipal Court Judge
  • Increase Your Chances Of Getting A Lower Fine
  • Increase Your Chances Of Keeping Points And Convictions Off Your Driving Record
  • Increase Your Chances Of Preventing Insurance Cost Increases
  • You Won’t Have To Miss Work (In Most Cases)
  • We Accept Credit Cards And Payment Plans

If you have any questions, please feel free to call us at 417-823-7500. We will be happy to  discussed your situation with you.